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The mission of PsychedelicIQ is to offer practical and grounded wisdom for psychedelic guides, facilitators, and clergy.

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InnerEthics® and Multiple Role Relationships

with Kylea Taylor


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Psychedelic Field Manual

Do you have clients looking to better understand what’s available on the psychedelic landscape? This free ebook is written for new travelers to the psychedelic landscape and sincere explorers seeking to deepen their practice.

Sacred Leadership in Peru

Are you looking to deepen your practice, learn from master teachers, and wake up to new potential? Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience with two master plants served by master medicine carriers, Roberto and Rene Flores Solis.

Psychedelic Masterminds

Have you been looking for support, community, and peer supervision in a safe and confidential container? Psychedelic Masterminds are intimate groups of practitioners devoted to safety and positive outcomes.